About Company

hoco. is a world-renowned digital accessories brand under Shenzhen Hoco Technology Development Co., Ltd. Its products are not only unanimously approved by consumers in terms of design and process innovation, but also have unique manifestations in terms of humanization and functionality. “hoco. Selected”, is series aims to create better products with better design, better workmanship and better performance.

Company Profile


Shenzhen Hoco Technology Development Co., Ltd., established in 2009, is rooted in China. After more than ten years of operation and development, it has radiated to more than 150 countries and regions around the world. The company takes “multi-brand, multi-category” as its development direction, and its brands hoco., hoco. Selected and Borofone, all of which have become world-renowned 3C digital accessories brands. Through the combination of scientific management + big data and precise product selection, we increase independent research and development, market development, improve categories one by one, and build the most comprehensive product supply chain platform in the mobile phone and digital accessories industry.
The company is headquartered in Longhua, Shenzhen, China, and has a Guangzhou office. It has a modern 5A-level office building, a modern warehouse of more than 10,000 square meters and an efficient logistics system. The operation team has nearly 300 people, and we develop more than 1,500 SKUs every year. Through a strong marketing system, the products are sold all over the world, and are deeply loved by users around the world.
Since its establishment, hoco. has always adhered to the premise of creating high-quality and high-price products to provide global consumers with more valuable and refined products. An ecosystem with deep collaboration between channels. So far, after continuous iteration, the products cover mobile peripheral protection, charging, mobile power, audio, in-car, small home accessories, smart home accessories, outdoor sports accessories, computer and leisure bags, children’s education accessories, etc. Developing together online and offline, taking Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa, and Europe as the core markets, gradually forming its own brand operation, organization management, market layout, and at the same time providing a strong one-stop OEM/ODM service for local brands in the global market. The company has become the brand operator that understands the most countries and regions in the world, and understands consumers best.
In the future, hoco. will further develop the supply chain, improve product R&D capabilities, optimize channels and services, strengthen the multi-brand strategy, and create more value for everyone involved in hoco.

Development Path



hoco. brand officially established.


Mature years, brand awareness has been further improved, and sales have reached new heights.


Transformation year. Transformation of multi-category packaging with fashionable and colorful styles gain customer recognition, and the company has regained its new life.


Reform year, the brand transformed from a traditional accessories brand to a brand with whole-store service capabilities through multi-category direction, providing a more solid foundation for 2017.

2018 – present

Multi-brand and multi-category continued to grow globally, realizing the layout of physical stores in 90% of the global national markets, and fulfilling the goal of a well-known brand in the global 3C accessories industry. Improve design and quality requirements, and upgrade the real value of the hoco. brand. Multi-brand and full-category operations, two rapid growth.

Product System



U series (quality, innovation), X series (high cost performance), HB series (expansion hubs), LS series (audio adapters), UA series (screen mirroring cables/adapters).

Power Banks

J series.
Q series (high density cell).


3C certification, US / CN standard, EU standard, UK standard (CE & RoHS certification), universal charger (multi-standard plugs).


HC / BS series (BT speaker), BK series (Karaoke), E series (single-ear BT headset), ES series (sports BT headset), W series (headphones), EW series (TWS headset), M series (wire-controlled earphones).


NZ series car charger (CE & RoHS certification), Z series (car charger), HW series (wireless charging car holder), H series (car holder), E series (car BT receiver), ZP series (car accessories).

Wireless Charging

CW series (wireless charging).


PH / HD series (desktop stand), LV series (live broadcast stand), K series (selfie stick), protective products (mask / disinfection box).


GM series, gaming BT headphones, gaming headsets.

Smart Watch

Y series (smart watch), WA series (watch strap), WS series (watch case).


Tempered film, protective case (for Apple, for Samsung, for Huawei and other mobile phones).

Film cutting machine

Film cutting machine, GF series (mobile phone front film), GB series (mobile phone back film), GP / GW series (tablet / watch film).


Full range of service.

Brand Culture


Brand Vision

To provide global consumers with more valuable and high-quality commodities.

Core Value

Corporate health and personal health coexist.

Brand Mission

Create more value for everyone involved in hoco.

Core Competitiveness

Run fast enough, change fast enough.

Make something you love.

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