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Company profile

Shenzhen Hoco Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and rooted in China. After more than ten years of operation and development, it has radiated more than 150 countries and regions around the world. The company takes “multi-brand, multi-category” as its development direction, and its brands hoco., hoco. Selected, Borofone, etc., have become the world’s well-known 3C digital accessories brands. Through the combination of scientific management and accurate selection of data, we will increase independent research and development and continue to iterate and improve in combination with regional markets to create the most comprehensive product supply chain platform in the mobile phone and digital accessories industry. The company is headquartered in Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China, and set up Shenzhen Huaqiangbei and Guangzhou offices, with a modern 5A office building and more than 10,000 square meters of modern warehousing and efficient logistics system, but also has a complete quality management system. Since its establishment, hoco. has always adhered to the premise of creating high-quality products with great prices, and built an ecosystem of deep collaboration with high-quality suppliers and channels based on the supply chain concept of “Share benefit, we bear risk”. In order to be more flexible, accurate and efficient in customer service, a customized business department was established – hoco. Service. The company will further deepen the supply chain and enhance product research and development capabilities, provide powerful OEM/ODM services for the localization of the global market. Up to now, after continuous iteration, the products cover mobile peripheral protection, charging, mobile power, audio, in-car, home, outdoor sports, computer and leisure bags, children education, storage, camera and other categories. The company has become the brand operator that understands the countries, regions and consumers, and is recognized and favored by the domestic and overseas markets.
Industry experience
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known in more than 150 countries and regions
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Year-on-year rapid growth
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Develops more than 1500 SKU every year
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Organizational structure of customization division

The above-mentioned groups have jointly established a customization business department, which is under the direct leadership of the general manager. From business order to final QC inspection and shipment, the entire process is more flexible, focused and efficient, giving you the most comprehensive service.



Provide solutions for customized services, one-to-one personalized services and a high degree of sensitivity to regional products, together we create maximum value for customers in different regions.


A business team with a strong sense of responsibility assists the service team to quickly complete the order, runs through the entire process of order operation, providing strong support for the successful completion of the order.


With professional technical capabilities and development advantages, it has accumulated rich resources in the digital industry and can quickly provide diversified customized products with optimal cost, testing, design and production.


Custom design can provide packaging design schemes within one week, provide powerful and exquisite pictures and video support for the promotion, all according to the characteristics of the local market and different products, so that the product is one step ahead in sales.


Cooperation with high-quality suppliers to negotiate prices, payment methods, procurement progress tracking, delivery dates, etc., and strive for the best interests of customers.


Has rich inspection experience, cooperates closely with various suppliers to strictly control the quality of the production to ensure the shipment is guaranteed. Provide strong after-sales support, ensure that sales are worry-free.

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Scope of business

Hoco Technology has been focusing on the digital accessories industry for more than ten years, and has established a stable strategic cooperative relationship with partners in the industry. The OEM|ODM Customization Division will work with various powerful partners to provide a full range of services for global customers.

brand local needs

Relying on the brand recognition of hoco., combined with the sales of mature local sales channels, we will further explore user needs and provide refined services.

brand local needs

Relying on the brand awareness of the BOROFONE, combined with the sales of a deep local customer base, we will further explore user needs and provide refined services.

hoco oem odm business scope

Third-party brand customization

Enterprises should "do what you do best".
hoco's whole-category parts supply ecosystem, confirming the product supply situation within 1-3 working days, collaborating with each other to improve the company's operational efficiency, concentrating on advantageous resources to enhance the brand competitiveness, plugging wings for the localized development and flourishing of the brand.

Comprehensive service

From market insight, product design, research and development, procurement, mass production, quality inspection, transportation, after-sales service, we provide a complete set of customized solutions with the best cost performance.

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Category display

As a professional team of OEM and ODM, we use the accumulated technology of the company, committed to creating popular products and exploring business opportunities. Take flexible response to market changes as a weapon, correctly capture market demand, always maintain a keen insight to business concept, from marketing planning to product development, strong after-sales service, helping to provide a continuous flow of brand development and endless stream of new products in multiple categories.

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Product design service

Design 3-5 products per month, the specific process is as follows:

1. Conceptual requirements.
2. Definition of product specifications.
3. Feasibility analysis.
4. 2D/3D renderings.
5. Appearance model (SLA).
6. CMF output.
7. 3D printing physical prototype.
8. Structural design.
9. Engineering verification.
10. Mold opening.

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Product design

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Package design

The packaging design first considers which box type is used to give the best protection for the product. Secondly, the box shape affects the product display effect – color boxes, plastic boxes, color boxes with windows, book boxes, boxes with covers, metal boxes. It is necessary to consider the appropriate combination of paper thickness, process and other factors and the visual design of the packaging to present the best packaging box. The price of different box types is also different. After considering the combination of product positioning and appropriate cost and design, we provide a full set of design and printing services for OEM/ODM products.

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Supply chain

Based on the supply chain concept of “Share benefits, we bear risk”, an ecosystem with in-depth collaboration with high-quality suppliers and channels has been constructed.

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Core suppliers
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Frequently cooperated suppliers
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Average daily shipments


More than 150 core suppliers solve the problem of capital turnover.


Provide high-quality design, focus on product development and production, and jointly solve problems in production.


Actively implement the strategy of “Strengthen Enterprise by Quality”, strengthen traceability, a pre-inspected quality control system for the entire industry chain. Starting from the source of product production, based on the “source of order” model, a full range of accessories has been established tin the factory. Line inspection guidance in the production process, professional testing laboratories, packaging instruction video and on-site communication, regular meetings to discuss quality improvement. Establish a scientifically managed supply system, realize the traceable management of “one material to one high-quality product”.

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Quality control system and after-sales

Standards and processes: The company has always adhered to the value concept of “integrity first, quality first” at the whole process of testing, from product to packaging, and constantly strengthened product quality control for excellent quality.
All kinds of products will undergo multiple confirmations and be checked layer by layer. Only when the quality meets the requirements product will flow out to the market, so that consumers can feel it at ease.
At the same time, the company provides intimate sales and after-sales service and response actively for worry-free sales.

hoco quality control system and after sales scheme mobile
  • OQC (Outgoing Quality Control) – outgoing product quality control.
  • AQL (Acceptable Quality Limit) – the worst permissible quality level when a continuous series of batches is submitted for acceptance.
  • FAI (First Article Inspection) – quality inspection of the first item.
  • IPQC (In Process Quality Control) – quality control on the technological process.
  • OQA (Outgoing Quality Assurance) – the last quality inspection procedure before the product leaves the factory.
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Business process

Brand provide full service from the initial idea to the product production. R&D constantly check the latest industry technology and creative design to help you navigate the marketing maze. Purchasing of packaging materials equips the products with competitive “coats”. Quality control runs through all aspects – packaging materials, testing, production and shipment. Mature logistics distribution guarantees the fast and safe delivery of products to your destination, tailored for your brand to enhance competitiveness and lead the industry!

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Advantages of cooperation

Based on more than ten years of global sales experience, we accurately control market demand and use our project team’s development capabilities to create hot-selling products.
Efficient online information platform, adopt data management, quickly respond to small batches and diverse production. Efficient and flexible production and logistics to provide support for customers.
More than 1500 SKU new products are launched every year, with an independent ID design and development team, strong foundation for innovation.
In the spirit of being customer-centric, we have been in constant contact with customers for many years, different requirements of customers will be changed in real time according to customer needs, and we can provide customized service solutions.
Professional, customers enjoy one-to-one service from professional business personnel, efficient services assisted by multiple working groups such as design, project development, quality inspection, etc., constantly improve the level of customized services and provide customers with maximum value.
From the first request you make, the team members will become your most loyal partners, will respond to your needs immediately, based on the long-term commitment to grow together with customers, hoco’s service system will ensure that the products you need will achieve the goals specified in the agreement within the contract period. The responsibilities between the service teams are clear, simplified management greatly improves service personalization and customer satisfaction.
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Global marketing service

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For customers with a variety of needs we develop solutions that are flexible and efficient. The cooperation model creates maximum value for customers.

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hoco oem odm contact wechat

Shenzhen Hoco Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Company address:
Room 401, 4th Floor, Building A, Weidonglong Business Building, No. 2125 Meilong Avenue, Tsinghua Community, Longhua District, Shenzhen.
Business Manager: Feng Cheng (Miles).
Mobile Number: +086 17722403585.
WeChat: hocoofficial7
Email: miles@hococase.com
We hope for mutually beneficial cooperation!
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